The beauty industry can be wasteful - but it doesn't have to be! We're doing our best to lessen our impact and put the planet first. Here are the programs we have in place as we work towards becoming Banff National Park's most responsible Eco Salon.


KEVIN.MURPHY is an ethical and effective product line that is sulphate-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free. Their products are produced using natural ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources, and are harvested in a way that does no harm to the environment.


We buy our product in bulk to save the earth and pass the savings on to you! For $5 less than the retail price,  we'll refill your empty KEVIN.MURPHY wash, rinse or styling product containers while you wait.


We've partnered with Green Circle Salons to eliminate our salon waste. Green Circle collects, recycles & repurposes hair clippings, used foils, colour tubes and excess hair colour, diverting them from landfills and waterways.


Made from 100% renewable sugarcane with zero plastic or wax coating, our colour bowls are completely compostable within 30 days, reducing water usage in-salon and preventing excess colour being rinsed down the drain.


Keep single use cups out of landfill by borrowing a cup from BEATNIK or asking your stylist to get a coffee for you during your appointment.


KEVIN.MURPHY recently changed its packaging to be 100% recycled Ocean Waste Plastic. They estimate they will remove 360 tonnes of plastic from the ocean each year - that's the equivalent of 14.6 million water bottles! Look for the detail 'OWP' to be printed on ocean waste plastic containers.


We've installed an Ecohead showerhead at our basin that uses 65% less water and doubles water pressure, conserving energy, reducing additives and impurities, and softening water for cleaner, smoother hair.


Our mirrors are framed with energy efficient, low wattage bulbs that use 88% less energy than regular incandescent bulbs and last for over 8 years. That's good for the environment which is good for us!


With each aerosol spray sold, KEVIN.MUPHY makes a financial contribution to the Climate Reality Project to offset and lessen our global carbon footprint. We also recycle our used aerosol containers through Green Circle Salons - and we'll recycle yours for you too!


The Town of Banff awarded us a 'Trailblazer' designation for the sustainability initiatives we have put in place to move towards being zero waste.